Story of crispy CRISPR!

Have you heard about designer babies recently in news? It is exactly what it is named - you can design your baby with the desired trait you want and more recently, this is a big debate in the scientific community. CRISPR is a magical discovery that occurred somewhere in 1987 and since then the theory... Continue Reading →

Peace is a possible dream, if…..

People are differentiable into various categories, which means, unity for peace and tranquility requires interaction. Not just any interaction, it requires honest and open-minded interactions. One way to achieve it is through travel. Travel as often as you can. It really opens up your mind to accepting differences. Instead of finding faults, you encourage your... Continue Reading →

Collateral beauty

No this is not a movie review. This is just another blog but something that I firmly believe in! The collateral beauty that we all carry is 'Emotions'. We all carry various degrees of various emotions. How we figure our limits of expressing each one of them to one another, how we learn to change... Continue Reading →

Unify in the name of genetics

How often do you hear a person with a genetic disease? If not through friends, I'm sure you do hear in news. Let's talk from basics: Genes in your DNA, which resides inside every cell of your body defining your entire self from ur looks to your allergies to your intellect to your behavior. If... Continue Reading →

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