Humanity or being humane

In my first blog post, I want to share my thoughts about humanity. Like Mahatma Gandhi said we really can not stop having faith in humanity. Humanity is the totality of kindness that is exhibited by humans collectively.

There are various categories of humans. Some are benevolent. They understand the pain of other humans easily and are keen to help immediately. Some are semi-benevolent. They hear, console, understand the pain of other humans, and they can only respond not help. Then comes the category of semi-selfish, this is the most commonly found humanity. They have selective hearing and selective understanding of pains of other humans. They help when they are sure they can get help back. They further classify other humans as family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers. Their kindness and understanding are completely directed towards family and to some extent to their friends. But acquaintances and strangers are gossips or news for them – never someone to be considered for the human side of them. Finally, we have very few selfish humanity, who are devilish and ignorant of any pain or suffering of other humans.

Humanity has various colors. We rarely have a Hitler or a Mother Teresa. Most of us are infamous because we are all semi-selfish. If I cry and share the pain of another human, I also bitch and abuse another person. It’s not just me, it’s nearly all of us. There are so many of us, that collectively we have defined ‘being humane’ as a choice and not a compulsion for our race.

I try to rectify my mistakes and move from semi-selfish to benevolent every day. Are you trying?

Blog by a semi-humane!

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