Collateral beauty

No this is not a movie review. This is just another blog but something that I firmly believe in!

The collateral beauty that we all carry is ‘Emotions’. We all carry various degrees of various emotions. How we figure our limits of expressing each one of them to one another, how we learn to change ourselves through them, is our purpose of life.

Change is the only thing unchangeable. Change and time walk side-by-side. You can’t stand and stay at one point carrying same emotions every time because time changes and it won’t wait for you. Get to pace with time, learn to change with time, learn to change at the moment in time. Now, I don’t tell you to change completely. Change towards betterment. Time does change, and can’t be controlled, but what you can control is ‘WHAT’ the change should look like? Change for goodness, change to spread goodness. That’s what we all are here for!

I started off with emotions but talked more about change and time, don’t think I am digressing. Emotions play the most important role in changing You. Don’t hold on to emotions that depress you, that hold you back from changing and walking in pace with time. Learn to get rid of emotions that keep you stagnant. Anger, ego, stubbornness, strictness, jealousy, competition, etc. are few emotions that everyone needs to let go.

That’s what brings us together. The collateral beauty is that ‘we are all at different stages of learning to get rid of emotions that hold us back’. We are here to share them, help ourselves get better with time and realize those emotions aren’t worth holding to. We combined with our endless emotions make life better every day.

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