Limit your genetic worries! 

Everybody wants data sharing. Data sharing is knowledge sharing and helps resolve issues faster. Genetic databases do the same. As much as I support the thought that people must participate in genetic research studies and volunteer to give blood, I also would like to warn you, the world of genetics isn’t immune to corruption. As much as science is associated with brilliance, science is well associated with unethical.

I’m pointing towards submitting your blood to companies that claim to be providing you with disease-risk-based genetic information (not the formal clinical testing suggested by a clinician). There are some that do for cost and some do for free. Irrespective of what you choose, the point you need to understand here is ‘they have your genetic horoscope in their hands’. Genetic information can be misused. Read this blog – to understand numerous ways genetics are misused and falsely advertised by various companies and even well-known brilliant scientists.

We, humans, have the tendency to divide and dispute with our own race for color, culture, language, intelligence, food, money, power, resources, and what not. Genetic information can literally be the best and worst weapon for discrimination. It is best and worst for the same reason – it reveals the truth about you and nothing can falsify that.

Excess of one thing is harmful, that includes knowledge. Your genetic information about risk for diabetes, or Parkinson’s or cancer should only be limited to you. Also, it should not be even told to you unless it is certain that your genetic change is well established and seen in other people to cause that particular disease. The idea of uniting genetic information is not to distribute your individual secrets to the world and make you conscious about yourself. The purpose is to find a pattern of information that can be trusted for treating emerging genetic diseases. Don’t fall into the false idea of knowing your genes. The majority of those genes have not been discovered, do not have enough evidence nor are referenced from reliable sources. When a company claims to give you information on possible risk for diabetes or hypertension or heart attacks, they aren’t 100% sure of what they are looking at. What is the point of getting yourself read when you are still a mystery?

Life is beautiful when kept simple. I will still encourage any person reading this blog to submit their blood as a volunteer to any research study so it can be used to study and discover or invent a cure for a disease. That is not to learn about yourself, but to learn about your race. It leads to unity of human race, not discrimination of you based on how soon you will die or how strong you are!

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